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Upon completion of the Basic Membership Course (BMC), initiates


are tattooed
("marked") by Official Markers of the GUARDIANS. The new Brother or Sister is then known as a "marked" Guardian.

The tattooes are on the left and right hands - on the web between the thumb and forefinger - and on the lateral extremity of the upper right arm just below the shoulder.

The left hand markings signify region, the right hand signifies rank, while the shoulder markings detail region, batch and pseudonym.

A complete guide appears below:
Markings of the Right Hand

Membership Markings

For Civilian Members:

MG - Represents the Magic Group (Mint Green)

For Members from the Armed Forces:

R - Represents the Philippine Constabulary (Red)

B - Represents the Philippine Army (Blue)
N - Represents The Philippine Navy (Navy Blue)
G - Represents the PNP/BFP/BJMP  (Gold)
M - Represents the Philippine Marines ( Maroon)
W - Represents the Military Police (White)
A - Represents the Air Force (Air)

Promotional Markings

For Civilian Members:

RMG - Represents the Ranking Magic Group

For Members from the Armed Forces:

GF/GM - Represents the Godfather / Godmother
GF-S/GM-S - Represents the Godfather Senior / Godmother Senior

SGF/SGM - Represents the Supremo (Supreme Godfather) / Suprema (Supreme Godmother)

For all Members:

F - Represents the Founder
NF - Represents the National Founder
MF - Represents the Master Founder
SMF - Represents the Supreme Master Founder

Markings in the Left Hand

GL - Guardians Luzon
GV - Guardians Visayas
GM - Guardians Mindana
GI - Guardians International