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 We, the Officers and Members of the UNITED COALITION of GUARDIANS BROTHERHOOD INC., citizens of the Republic of the Philippines, imploring the aid of Divine Providence and the Blessing of democracy, in order to establish a Coalition that shall embody our Ideals and  aspirations and strengthen the unity of the Filipino people through GUARDIANS, irrespective of their culture, customs and traditions, social status and political affiliations, through justice, integrity and service to mankind and foster the spirit of unity, brotherhood and self - reliance among ourselves, hereby promulgate this

Constitution and By - Laws.


                                       G - Gentlemen


                                       U - United 


                                       A - Associate


                                       R - Race


                                       D - Dauntless


                                       I - Ingenuous


                                       A - Advocator


                                       N - Nation


                                       S - Society